the kxmsn project started on 20th of january 2002.

kxmsn stands for: kde intergrated, extendable msn messenger.

This project was started becouse a lot of people are fedd up with the way msn messenger is implemented on other opperating systems than windows, like microsoft messenger for mac or other msn clients.
Together we can implement such things as filesharing and webcam or audio chat.
We definatly want to create a secure layer plugin using either pgp, gpg or ssh/ssl like encryption..

Our favored interface is the kde interface.. mostly becouse it is able to use microsoft (standard) antialiased fonts.

making kxmsn an attempt to bring a msn messenger to the kde platform intergrated as well as msn messenger is intergrated into microsoft windows.
As you can see this project just started, we are stil in the planning phase.
We haven't even written a single line of code yet.
So come back to often for updates on our progress.

We can't explain our plans for kxmsn on one page.
but the outline comes to this.

the main engine will make the connections to messenger.hotmail.com port 1863 and then handles the communications and redirections of the messenger infrastructure.
the engine also starts the plugins if requested by user or peer.

a frontend will provides a gui not uncommon to msn messenger users, for fast access to an extendable number of the features.

plugins will provide common messenger features like file transfers video- and audiochat whiteboard etc.

further plugins could provide secure connections and other features that with your help can take kxmsn beond the capabilities of microsoft msn messenger.

for more details go to our sourceforge project page.
If you would like to use the msn messenger infrastructure on linux right away, with minimal features.

try amsn.

You will need wish for amsn to run.
SourceForge.net Logo So don't hold out on your self.
If you think you can do anything for the project or just want more information, be sure to message us..
opensource lives on volunteers that are willing to do their bit to make aplications come to life.
we are in need of people interested in any field of programming and design.
without your input there is only the choice to use products designed and created by slow working monopolous companies.
the kxmsn project is looking for people willing to put their ideas in to the code.
get your name listed.


admins of kxmsn
(Anne Jan Brouwer)
(Paul Honig)